Mirror Phase (2008)


Photo: Elena Spasova

Concept and realization: Iva Sveshtarova

Performers: Ralitsa Kashova, Mila Odazhieva and Iva Sveshtarova

Visual surrounding: Mаrio Bessa

Costumes: Neli Mitewa



“Bodies have their own light that accompanies them throughout their life. They burn up, or they will do so one day. Positive and negative electricity complement each other as a new whole.” Egon Schiele

The idea of the Mirror Phase performance was inspired by Egon Schiele’s paintings: his auto-portraits and his painting of nude women’s bodies. A methodological work, based on the research of Schiele’s paintings (especially his self-portraits and his erotic drawings) that generate physical actions. The physical actions are created by the interaction of Schiele’s bodies, emanating delight as well as anguish, expressed very often in a lascivious way; and their transformation in the body of the performers.
The performance is supported by Fund for Support of Debut Projects, National Fund „Culture”, Swiss Cultural Programme in Bulgaria, Goethe-Institut Sofia and Cult.bg Foundation. In partnership with The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate.