Iliyan Ruzhin///ACT Independent Theater Festival/// Performance: PERFECTLY PINK (2018)

Iva Sveshtarova is an artist and performer from Sofia. She graduated from the experimental Theatre-Studio “4XC” and “Synthetic Stage Arts” at the University of Plovdiv. She completed MA programme “Choreography and Performance” at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen, Germany.


From 2002 till 2006 she worked as a performer at Acto – Instituto de Arte Dramática, Portugal. In 2007 she joined the Sofia based formation brain store project in the frame of which she collaborates with Willy Prager. She has worked with directors and choreographers such as a.o. Nikolay Georgiev, Filipe Pereira, Helena Botto, Galina Borissova, deufert&plischke, Thomas Lehmen, Verena Billinger and Sebastian Schulz, Ani Vaseva, Maren Strack, Ana Dankova a.o.

Iva Sveshtarova is the author of the performances: “Perfectly Pink” ( Icarus Award nomination for Contemporary Dance and Performance, 2019), “a (e) ffect”, “Doing that thing again”, “Mirror Phase” and “Kafka’s Metamorphosis” (production by Acto – Instituto de Arte Dramatica, Portugal).

In the last years, Sveshtarova collaborates with artists Willy Prager and Rosa Beermann (Germany).

Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager have collaborated together for a long time in various projects in the field of dance and performance in their native country Bulgaria and abroad. Based on their common work and the realisation of own productions with local and international artists, they decided to collaborate exploring new methods and practises in the contemporary dance and performance. They are co-authors of following works: “A Better Life” (a collaboration between Willy Prager, the German choreographer Martin Stiefermann and the dramaturg Natalie Baudy), “Made for Happiness” (Icarus 2019 Award, Contemporary Dance and Performance Category), “shamebox” with Willy Prager (ICAR 2018, Contemporary Dance and Performance Award), ” Balkan dance reality show ”(collective work with Rosa Beermann and Sonja Pregrad),“ Our last pas de deux ”by Galina Borissova,“ Museum of Hygiene ”,“ Donna Clara ”and “Cliché ” and etc.

Iva Sveshtarova and Rose Beermann met during their study in the master programme “Choreography and Performance” at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen, Germany. Based on their comment interest on issues and topics in relation to dance they actively start collaborating in various artistic projects. Their collaborative performances are: “Soft things”, “Strip naked, talk naked” ( realized in FREISCHWIMMER 2014/15 with producer Sophiensaele, Berlin), “Show me how” and “Velocity Pumps” (in collaboration with Tessa Theisen ).

Iva Sveshtarova is co-founder of the Nomad Dance Academy – Balkan Network for Contemporary Dance (www.nomaddanceacademy.org)  and of Antistatic Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance (www.antistaticfestival.org) in Sofia.

Recent awards:

2018, 2019 – Ikar National Award for contemporary dance and performance for the performance „shamebox” and “Made for Happiness” – collective works between Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager.